Name dropping

People I’ve worked with. Some famous, many not but valued all the same.

This is a growing list and an exercise in recollection and finding time to fill in all the names that I can remember so please remind me if I left you out. If I have produced/recorded/mixed/mastered for you, done live sound for you, been in a band with you, played on your recordings, or performed at the same gig, you should be on the list and I apologize if you’re not on it yet.

Andy Chamberlain
Andy Constanti
Andy Mottershead
Andy Twinn
The Big City Poets
British Broadcasting Corporation
Bruno Brooks
The Clangers [band]
Crystal Creek w/ Sarge
Dave Thomas
David Mulford
Dropping Clangers
Hurry The Jug
Ian Carter
John Kirkpatrick
Kevin Dixon
Kevin MacCuish
Mark Griffiths
Mike Rosen
Mike Spelzini
New Foundation
The Oakapple Band
Lost in Space
Ralph Wood
Richard Kerber
Rick “Rickroller” Brown
Robert Mulford
Rogers TV
Seth Cooper

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