Audio mastering and mix reviews

So, after encouragement from friends and family I am now offering Audio Mastering and Mix Opinion services. This blog is now moved off to the side and the Audio Services page is now the home page for so customers don’t have to search for information.

Do you have any recordings that you want honest and constructive feedback on? Do you have any recordings that you want mastered so that you can publish them on the internet for sale or download? If so, click on Audio Services on the menu and let’s get started.


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2 Responses to Audio mastering and mix reviews

  1. Hello Mike.

    I really appreciate the info you provide. I do have a question. When you asked about feedback on mixing and mastering, what type of files do you want, wave mix and master or large file stems? Also, do you charge for this? I look forward to your reply, thanks!

  2. Mike says:

    Hi David,

    WAV files of the mix are best. If the file is of the mastered version, I will still be able to comment but will not be able to differentiate some things that could have happened during either mixing or mastering and would therefore have to be less precise on those points (especially if the mastering is poor quality). If a mix-buss compressor has been used during mixing, that should be left in the version sent to me. High quality mp3/wma files are acceptable but will make my assessment of the high frequencies and detail less precise. I wouldn’t use stems for reviewing.

    I do charge for this service. The details are on


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