Focus Phrases – useful communication tools or annoying platitudes?

I’m in a quandry… I’m really fed up with people that post or tweet “quotes of the day” in lieu of anything meaningful to say. However, I’m developing an addiction to Focus Phrases and get a strong urge to include them in my presentations. Are these helpful or are they just another way to annoy people?
Here are some examples…
“If it hasn’t been delivered, it doesn’t exist”
“If it hasn’t been tested, it doesn’t work”
“No-one has finished until everyone has finished”
Like any sound-bites, they are brief and to the point. The good ones are hard to argue with. They can get the point across to modern attention-challenged listeners and readers where a patient explanation of the rules will be ignored.
The downside is that they’re confrontational and that means that you have to be clear about why they are applicable and you must be prepared to enforce them.
The upside is that they’re confrontational and that means people are going to pay a lot more attention to your explanation of the rules.
Do you have any great focus phrases?


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