The theory of how to present an Agile proposal

I’ve been way too quiet – but I’ve been busy learning more about Agile.
One of the challenges that has been puzzling me is how to put together a proposal for a project that is going to be run using Agile approaches. As ever I was thinking too hard and therefore I couldn’t see how straightforward it could be to sell a variable-scope, fixed price and time proposal. The answer comes in three parts and I am eager to actually put this into practice.
Firstly, the requirements need to be prioritized so that the backlog list can be built and sorted.
Secondly, build the backlog list and play planning poker (or whatever estimating method works for the team) and tot it all up to create the time and resource estimates.

Thirdly, establish Agile processes as the change control system. There are implications to this. The change control board is no longer the brake on scope creep. The change control board provides guidance and authorization to the Product Owner for the direction the project takes as the requirements become clearer or adapt to changing needs. The board needs to be carefully appointed and the members need to be aware of their crucial role in the success of the project.
Do you have any comments or thoughts on this? Are there any other considerations to be taken into account when presenting an Agile proposal (particularly to Agile-virgin management)?


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