Are you a freak too?

I look at PM Network and I can’t relate to the people in it. Suits and multi-million dollar projects.
Am I the only one that doesn’t fit in with this image of project managers? Where are all the geeks? The IT projects? The small quick’n’dirty projects?
I used to think it was me that’s wrong but now I’m not so sure. Where is Agile? Where is Lean? Times are changing but the “profession” is stuck in some kind of corporate timewarp. Fortunately PMBOK can be interpreted so that Agile and Lean can be applied but hidebound project managers are clinging to fixed-scope planning and control just like the record industry is clinging to its dead business case.
We need to be wary of bandwagon jumping but considering the fact that implementing change is what project management is about, I don’t see much embracing of change within project management itself.


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